Norman showed us good, usable design is possible.

HR First Tech Products

Human-centric software applications with rock-solid behavioral intelligence.

We strive for business impact, ease and affordability.


Agility & Operation Excellence

Mike shared us the most counterintuitive behavioral approach to profit-making. Yes, spend less to make more.

HR professionals demand business impact at a budget. Product implementation and setting up are time-consuming. Hence, we swim against the tide and strive for products that aid in shaping culture and building healthy businesses while minimizing effort and investment

We keep you at the center of product design and aim for functionally rich but ultra affordable solutions.


Employee Experience

We conceive products as experience. Hence the products are engineered to maximize user experience from top to bottom and assure better outcomes for all.

Business Impact

The HR first approach ensures deep functional expertise and helps the users to focus on what really matters. Performance is differentiated and rewarded, equity is addressed, and cost saved.

Super Affordable

Our products suit any growing organization. The tools are budget-friendly and require minimal onboarding and support due to the behavior-based engineering.

The nobel winning author unveiled the secrets of nudges to improve our experience and outcomes.


Diverse Team

This book reinstated our belief on breadth and vast knowledge. It argues generalists can better specialists!

Cognitive Systems exists to partner with HR professionals in creating an engaged workforce and supporting sustainable businesses.

Our team hails from a range of backgrounds and holds significant experience in HR consulting and technology. This diversity and the passion for results drive us to serve you with finesse.

This books talked about great technology products. And we believe, we have a few!

Join us

HR Digitization Partner

Adam Grant talked about how each of us can champion great ideas in work and life and how each of us can beat group-think to be a non-conformist!

You are driven by the passion for customer success so are we. Partnering with us helps you to offer more to your clients, both new and existing, without any additional investments. While you expand your consulting, we do all the heavy lifting right from onboarding to ongoing support. Our subscription-based solutions have a significant customer lifetime value and carries the potential for recurring income.

  • Enhanced Portfolio
  • Additional Revenue
  • Regular Income

White label

White Label

We have powered a few major technology vendors with our state -of -the -art HR products. For any consultants or agency out there to offer HR tools for their clients, we’ve made it easy to present the tools as your own.

  • Instant and hassle-free delivery of great products which are functionally rich and useful.
  • Highly affordable pricing that enables you to serve a large customer segment.
  • Customer delight is guaranteed with our regular product updates and enhancements.
  • Zero upfront cost and potential for regular and sustainable income.

David shows how co-creation is a transformational journey that naturally leads to growth and evolution . . . because it gives birth to shared interests that dwarf anything that existed previously.

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